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The members of Lonergan University College sought to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue about fundamental questions of value in culture, art, science, and religion. The College is dedicated both to studying Bernard Lonergan’s interdisciplinary approach and to fostering students’ capacities for interdisciplinary dialogue.
As teachers and students of traditional disciplines in the University, members participate in a Fellows seminar, student seminars, and lectures at the College.

Grupo de Investigación Cosmópolis

Este Grupo interdisciplinario con la Facultad de Teología de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de la Salle y el Departamento de Lenguas Extranjeras de la Universidad de los Andes.
El objetivo principal de este grupo de investigación es conocer a profundidad la obra filosófica, teológica, pedagógica y económica de Bernard J. F. Lonergan (1904: Buckingham, Québec, Canadá – 1984: Pickering, Ontario, Canadá), con el fin de discutirla, enriquecerla y apropiarla críticamente en los niveles del debate académico y la orientación de situaciones problemáticas de orden socio-cultural en Colombia y América Latina.
Líneas de investigación

  • El realismo crítico de Lonergan en el debate actual entre realismo y anti-realismo.
  • Estudio del pensamiento Filosófico de Bernard J.F. Lonergan.
  • Estudio del pensamiento teológico de B. Lonergan.
  • Hacia una comprensión metódica de los métodosLas sistemáticas y las comunicaciones en teología.
  • Ver Proyectos y Productos.

Instituto para la Integración del Saber.

El paradigma hermenéutico como camino de confluencia interdisciplinaria.
Virginia R. Azcuy. Departamento de Investigación Institucional Pobreza urbana en la Argentina.
La Investigación Institucional y la Integración del Saber en la Universidad Católica Argentina

The Woodstock Theological Center has developed a unique approach to contemporary issues based on the theological method of Bernard Lonergan, S.J., and the spirituality of St. Ignatius Loyola. Their conviction is that both Ignatius and Lonergan provide powerful diagnostic tools for effective ministry and leadership in the Church today for the transformation of the world.


Inaugurated in 1986, the Lonergan Center at Boston College houses a growing collection of Lonergan’s published and unpublished writings as well as secondary materials and reference works, and it also serves as a seminar and meeting room.

College sponsors the annual Lonergan Institute, which provides resources, lectures, and workshops for the study of the thought of Bernard Lonergan. The Institute also offers Post-Doctoral Fellowships and Master’s-Degree Scholarships. with applications forms and list of past Lonergan Fellows.

The Dublin Lonergan Centre is a research facility for the study of the works of the Canadian philosopher-theologian, Bernard Lonergan, S.J. It was founded in 1975 by Conn O’Donovan and Philip McShane, and was the first of such centres to be established outside the main centre in Toronto, Canada. Its collection of primary sources comprises his books and articles and tape recordings of his lectures. Its collection of secondary sources contains books, articles and theses on his work by other scholars, and invaluable author and subject catalogues to these resources.
Through this Centre the Milltown Institute is in contact with the Lonergan Research Institute, Toronto, and with scholars associated with other Lonergan Centres in various parts of the world. Dublin is associated with Bernard Lonergan in particular by the seminar on Method in Theology which he conducted in the Milltown Institute in the summer of 1971. The Centre continues to organize occasional conferences on themes relevant to the study of Lonergan’s works. In November 2004 it took part in the international conference on the works of Karl Rahner and Bernard Lonergan organized by the Milltown Institute to mark the centenary of the birth of both theologians. The papers of this conference have been published in the book, Christian Identity in a Postmodern Age: Celebrating the Legacies of Karl Rahner and Bernard Lonergan, edited by Declan Marmion S.M (Dublin: Veritas 2005).
Over the years various scholars have occupied the post of Director of the Centre. These may be listed as follows: C. O’Donovan, R. Moloney, D. O’Grady, H. Delaney. Currently Fr Raymond Moloney S.J., Emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology in the Milltown Institute, is in his second term as Director. The Centre may be reached by E-Mail to Milltown Park.The postal address is: The Dublin Lonergan Centre,
Milltown Park, Dublin 6, Ireland.

Since March 1996, The Lonergan Web has been developing a virtual place for collaboration in Lonergan studies. The site includes an introductory section for those who are new to Lonergan, the Lonergan Studies Newsletter online that include lists from 1980 to the present of published works, book reviews, dissertations and theses, conferences and courses, current projects, and notes on people in Lonergan studies. Interviews, Book Reviews, Economics, research resources which include lists of the Lonergan´s Colleted Works , Studies bibliography, Primary and Secondary Sources, Articles, a Glossary Project, Debate amoung Lonergan scholars, Thesis Abstract Index , , , , , ,

The Los Angeles Lonergan Center makes available in a single location a range of research materials for use by visiting scholars. The Center’s collection was established by Timothy P. Fallon SJ and maintained by him for many years at Santa Clara University. After Tim Fallon’s death the Center collection was transferred to Loyola Marymount University and is currently maintained by Mark D. Morelli.

The Centre exists to promote the ongoing work of Bernard Lonergan, SJ. His life’s work was to produce a Method in Theology that met the standards set by modern science, modern history and modern scholarship. The Lonergan Centre of Sydney, which Fr Fred Crowe SJ of the Lonergan Research Institute helped Peter Beer bring to Australia, sets out in a broad way to continue Bernard Lonergan’s work by advancing theology and philosophy that both meets the high standards of today’s world and addresses some of the more important issues pertaining to philosophy, theology and methodology.
The Centre’s activities focus on our Library, hosting the Australian Lonergan Workshop, Publications and being a focal point for Lonergan studies in Australia. The Centre’s personnel and associates range in interests ranging from theology and philosophy to science, education and law.   
The Director of the Lonergan Centre of Sydney is Fr Peter Beer, SJ. The Secretary of the Lonergan Centre of Sydney is
Dr Matthew Ogilvie, to whom enquiries about the Centre may be addressed. The Director of our sister-centre, the Melbourne Lonergan Centre, is Fr Tom Daly, SJ.

Invitación / Invitation

Bernard Lonergan invita sus lectores a participar en la construcción de un cosmópolis que esta fundado sobre nuestra capacidad de auto-transcendencia autentica que promueve el desarrollo humano integral. Nosotros exploramos el estado de desarrollo de este cosmópolis mediante la recepción del pensamiento de Lonergan en diferentes campos del conocimiento. __________ Bernard Lonergan invites his readers to participate in the construction of a cosmopolis that is founded upon our capacity for authentic self-transcendence which promotes integral human development. We explore the state of development of this cosmopolis through the reception of his thought in different fields of knowledge. ____________ James Morin, Profesor Titular, Facultad de Ciencias Religiosas y Filosóficas, Universidad Católica del Maule, Talca, Chile.


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