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The fundamental thing is God’s gift of His love. And the heart has reasons that reason doesn’t know. That’s the basic thing about faith. And to go further than that whom do we depend upon? The prophets, Jesus Christ, the Apostles and so on. It’s a historical problem. And you have to do the history not as though you’re studying a life of Christ in the same way as you write a life of Julius Caesar but in the light of faith, in the light of loving God above all. God has flooded our inmost heart with His Love through the Holy Spirit He has given us. Romans 5:5. And you carry out your studies in the light of that Love.

Bernard J. F. Lonergan

Invitación / Invitation

Bernard Lonergan invita sus lectores a participar en la construcción de un cosmópolis que esta fundado sobre nuestra capacidad de auto-transcendencia autentica que promueve el desarrollo humano integral. Nosotros exploramos el estado de desarrollo de este cosmópolis mediante la recepción del pensamiento de Lonergan en diferentes campos del conocimiento. __________ Bernard Lonergan invites his readers to participate in the construction of a cosmopolis that is founded upon our capacity for authentic self-transcendence which promotes integral human development. We explore the state of development of this cosmopolis through the reception of his thought in different fields of knowledge. ____________ James Morin, Profesor Titular, Facultad de Ciencias Religiosas y Filosóficas, Universidad Católica del Maule, Talca, Chile.


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