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Journal of Macrodynamic Analysis is an interdisciplinary e-journal devoted to the scholarly exploration of the method of functional specialization and its implementation in any field.

The Lonergan Review is a peer-reviewed journal that explores the impact and legacy of the work of Bernard Lonergan.

Lonergan Workshop Journal publishes papers from the annual Lonergan Workshop at Boston College. Some back issues are available from the Lonergan Institute at Boston College. Digital archives to 2003 are available at lonerganresource.

Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies aims at furthering interpretive, historical, and critical study of the philosophical, theological, economic, and methodological writings of Bernard Lonergan by promoting original research into the methodological foundations of the sciences and disciplines. Some back issues are available from the Lonergan Institute at Boston College. Digital archives are available at lonerganresource.

University of Toronto Press partners with the Lonergan Research Institute in the publishing of the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan and numerous secondary Works (search for Lonergan).

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Lonergan Studies Sites

Other Related Sites

Helpful Summaries

The following links are to other reliable Bernard Lonergan resources.

Lonergan Archive (Marquette University)
This is the official online archive of primary material written by Bernard Lonergan. This site contains documents, audio and video. Registration is free.

Lonergan Forum (Marquette University)
An online meeting place for discussion and posting of events for the worldwide Lonergan community. Registration is free.

The Lonergan Society
A student run organization that hosts the annual, Lonergan on the Edge conference, which provides a voice for students and non scholars.

Boston College Lonergan Institute
Information is available here on the «Annual Lonergan Worshop» in Boston. There is also a free online course on the book, «Insight.»

The Lonergan Research Institute (Toronto)
Promoting and editing the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan in collaboration with the Marquette Lonergan Project. Also sponsors the Lonergan Studies Newsletter.

Lonergan Studies Newsletter bibliography
An updated list of publications by or about Bernard Lonergan. Extracted from the Lonergan Studies Newsletter.

The Los Angeles Lonergan Center
Hosts the Annual Fallon Memorial Lonergan Symposium as well as sponsoring the Lonergan Philosophical Society.

Lonergan Centre at Saint Paul University, Ottawa
Conflict Resolution, Economics, Business Ethics and Community Economic Development.

Seton Hall Lonergan Institute
Sponsors the Lonergan Annual Student Development Awards, faculty and student reading groups and publishes the journal, The Lonergan Review.

The Sydney Lonergan Centre
Hosts the annual Australian Lonergan Workshop.

Washington Lonergan Institute
Host of several discussion groups and online podcasts.

Lonergan Research Center Nairobi
Directing Bernard Lonergan’s thought towards issues concerning Africa such as poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Lonergan in Latin America
Promoting Bernard Lonergan’s work in Spanish.

Lonergan Studies Tokyo
Promoting Bernard Lonergan’s work in Japanese.

Lonergan Studies in Japanese
A sister site in Japanese.