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  • Filosofía de la Naturaleza, Facultad de Filosofía, Universidad Iberoamericana.

  • Antropología Cristiana: Bases Interdisciplinares, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

  • Philosophy of Knowledge, A survey of major views of human knowledge concentrating on representative Western thinkers. This historical overview will be synthesized in the study of the cognitional theory of Bernard Lonergan. St. Mary’s University.

  • Theology Fundamental,  Different Catholic theologians approaches to doing theology.

  •  Philosophical Ethics, Traditional Catholic ethics has based itself on the history and development of the natural law theory. This course traces the development of the human person as ethical subject. Various contemporary positions of ethics are also present. Special attention to the thought of Bernard Lonergan and his influence on ethical decision making. (Catholic Theological Union).

Invitación / Invitation

Bernard Lonergan invita sus lectores a participar en la construcción de un cosmópolis que esta fundado sobre nuestra capacidad de auto-transcendencia autentica que promueve el desarrollo humano integral. Nosotros exploramos el estado de desarrollo de este cosmópolis mediante la recepción del pensamiento de Lonergan en diferentes campos del conocimiento. __________ Bernard Lonergan invites his readers to participate in the construction of a cosmopolis that is founded upon our capacity for authentic self-transcendence which promotes integral human development. We explore the state of development of this cosmopolis through the reception of his thought in different fields of knowledge. ____________ James Morin, Profesor Titular, Facultad de Ciencias Religiosas y Filosóficas, Universidad Católica del Maule, Talca, Chile.


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