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METHOD: Journal of Lonergan Studies is published twice a year by Boston College, and includes articles by Lonergan scholars from all over the world. A number of Lonergan’s own essays were first published in METHOD, and several “symposium” issues have gathered essays on topics such as consciousness, theology and the human sciences, and philosophy of the religious phenomenon. 

 The Lonergan Workshop journal, edited by Fred Lawrence and published at Boston College, makes available to a wider audience the papers presented every summer, since 1973, at the Boston College Lonergan Workshop. Each annual volume typically contains ten essays or more, and reflects the “ongoing collaboration” that was Lonergan’s vision of the fruit his work would bear. Under the auspices of the Workshop journal, a number of monographs have also been published that carry Lonergan’s influence into a remarkable range of disciplines.

In addition the Lonergan Workshop also publishes collections from special weekend conferences as well as full-length studies.

  • Ethics in Making a Living. The Jane Jacobs Conference, edited by Fred Lawrence.

  • The Beginning and the Beyond. Papers from the Gadamer and Voegelin Conferences, edited by Fred Lawrence.

  • Communicating a Dangerous Memory. Soundings in Political Theology, edited by Fred Lawrence.

  • Old Things and New: A Strategy for Education, by Frederick E. Crow.

  • Three Thomist Studies. by Frederick E. Crowe, edited by Michael Vertin.


In association with the Lonergan Research Institute the Lonergan Web Site proudly presents the Lonergan Studies Newsletter on-line edited by Tad Dunne. The Newsletter has archives since 1980 and is the most current source of information in Lonergan Studies. Its regular sections include lists of recently published works, book reviews, dissertations and theses, conferences and courses, current projects, interesting notes on people in Lonergan studies and recent works that might interest Lonergan scholars. Files may be read online or downloaded.


Invitación / Invitation

Bernard Lonergan invita sus lectores a participar en la construcción de un cosmópolis que esta fundado sobre nuestra capacidad de auto-transcendencia autentica que promueve el desarrollo humano integral. Nosotros exploramos el estado de desarrollo de este cosmópolis mediante la recepción del pensamiento de Lonergan en diferentes campos del conocimiento. __________ Bernard Lonergan invites his readers to participate in the construction of a cosmopolis that is founded upon our capacity for authentic self-transcendence which promotes integral human development. We explore the state of development of this cosmopolis through the reception of his thought in different fields of knowledge. ____________ James Morin, Profesor Titular, Facultad de Ciencias Religiosas y Filosóficas, Universidad Católica del Maule, Talca, Chile.


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