The Lonergan Research Institute at Regis College in theUniversity of Toronto has the mission to preserve, promote and develop the work begun by Bernard Lonergan. The Institute’s library contains the primary works, published and unpublished, of Lonergan, as well as the books and dissertations of authors writing on Lonergan’s thought. The activities of the Institute include:

  • preserving the primary written and audio recorded material with an electronic database that document the development of Lonergan´s work,

  • maintaining the most complete primary and secondary sources of Lonergan-related material in the world, that contain copies of Lonergan’s published books and articles, in successive editions and in translations and other books, articles theses and dissertations written about Lonergan,

  • editing and publication of the projected twenty-five volumes Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan in collaboration with the University of Toronto Press,
  • publishing the Lonergan Series with the University of Toronto Press that to date include ten books based upon or focused on Lonergan’s work,
  • restoration and digitization of over 500 hours of recorded lectures by Lonergan, dating from 1957 to the early 1980s, and the transfer to compact disc of the Institute seminars, the Boston College Lonergan Workshop lectures, the annual Bernard Lonergan Lecture in Systematic Theology at Regis College.

  • developing a project in Systematic Theology which is related to the annual Bernard Lonergan Lecture in Systematic Theology,

  • ongoing research and writing of Frederick Crowe, Robert M. Doran and Daniel Monsour.

  • offering through Regis College a Lonergan Studies Program that offers a diploma at a basic or advanced degree level on the work of Lonergan and current developments being made on his thought.