The Centre exists to promote the ongoing work of Bernard Lonergan, SJ. His life’s work was to produce a Method in Theology that met the standards set by modern science, modern history and modern scholarship. The Lonergan Centre of Sydney, which Fr Fred Crowe SJ of the Lonergan Research Institute helped Peter Beer bring to Australia, sets out in a broad way to continue Bernard Lonergan’s work by advancing theology and philosophy that both meets the high standards of today’s world and addresses some of the more important issues pertaining to philosophy, theology and methodology.
The Centre’s activities focus on our Library, hosting the Australian Lonergan Workshop, Publications and being a focal point for Lonergan studies in Australia. The Centre’s personnel and associates range in interests ranging from theology and philosophy to science, education and law.   
The Director of the Lonergan Centre of Sydney is Fr Peter Beer, SJ. The Secretary of the Lonergan Centre of Sydney is
Dr Matthew Ogilvie, to whom enquiries about the Centre may be addressed. The Director of our sister-centre, the Melbourne Lonergan Centre, is Fr Tom Daly, SJ.