12th International Conference on Thinking.
Melbourne, Australia. July, 2005.

An introduction to the science of thinking. Tom Daly & John Little.
Centre for Research in Ethics and Decision-making in Organisations.
Australian Catholic University, Australia.
A science is a body of systematic and formulated knowledge. Bernard Lonergan, in Insight: A Study of Human Understanding (1956, 5th Ed., 1992) has a chapter on “The Canons of Empirical Method”, in which he briefly suggests that “empirical method … should be applicable to the data of consciousness no less than the data of sense” and would appropriately ”be named generalized empirical method”. Just as Galileo showed how an inclined plane helps us to find intelligibility in motion, and Newton how prisms help us formulate and verify hypotheses regarding light, so exercises in questions, puzzles, and jokes help even children to find intelligibility in the data of consciousness, and to appreciate Aristotle’s distinction between intelligence and sensation. An interactive session of such exercises helps us discover a structure of learning that helps us make sense of the remarkable thinking skills developed in our generation.

 The minder as integrator in individual and corporate thinking. John Little.
Centre for Research into Ethics and Decision-making in Organisations.
Australian Catholic University, Australia.
Bernard Lonergan, in his philosophical exploration of thinking and of knowledge in Insight: a Study of Human Understanding (1956 or 1992), introduced the term Generalised Empirical Method (GEM). In this session participants will be invited to explore GEM experientially to discover their own mind’s minder and to appreciate its role as a contemporary tool, on the one hand for self-mastery and, on the other, for leading, influencing or facilitating change within the corporate mind. The efficacy of GEM derives from its personal validation and appropriation. As such, it is a powerful tool for executive coaches to facilitate insight, reflective capacities and more effective decision-making within their executive clients. A template of Generalised Organisational Process, GOP, developed from the main features of GEM and the notion of minder, will shed fresh perspectives on the meaning of value-adding for a corporation and on the nature of its governance.