Grace and Freedom: Operative Grace in the Thought of St.Thomas Aquinas

Insight: A Study of Human Understanding 5th edition

Collection: Papers by Bernard J.F. Lonergan

A Second Collection

For a New Political Economy

Macroeconomic Dynamics: An Essay in Circulation Analysis

Method in Theology Second edition

Phenomenology and Logic: The Boston College Lectures on Mathematical Logic and Existentialism

Philosophical and Theological Papers 1965-1980

Philosophical and Theological Papers, 1958-1964

Shorter Papers

The Ontological and Psychological Constitution of Christ

The Triune God: Systematics

Topics in Education: The Cincinnati Lectures of 1959 on the Philosophy of Education

Understanding and Being: The Halifax Lectures on Insight Second edition

Verbum: Word and Idea in Aquinas




An Introduction to the Philosophy of Bernard Lonergan Second edition

Appropriating the Lonergan Idea

Developing the Lonergan Legacy: Historical, Theoretical, and Existential Themes

Eye of the Heart: Knowing the Human Good in the Euthanasia Debate

Hermeneutics and Method: A Study of the ‘Universal Viewpoint’ in Bernard Lonergan

Lonergan and Feminism

Lonergan’s Quest: A Study of Desire in the Authoring of Insight

Meaning and Authenticity: Bernard Lonergan and Charles Taylor on the Drama of Authentic Human Existence

Method in Metaphysics

Philosophical Encounters: Lonergan and the Analytic Tradition

Quest for Self-Knowledge: An Essay in Lonergan’s Philosophy

Redirecting Philosophy: The Nature of Knowledge from Plato to Lonergan

The Divine Initiative: Grace, World-Order, and Human Freedom in the Early Writings of Bernard Lonergan

The Importance of Insight: Essays in Honour of Michael Vertin

The Lonergan Reader

What is Systematic Theology?